Leveraging celebrities and influencers for promotion

Peer-to-peer sharing of social messages is what makes Cheerity campaigns so powerful. When the message comes from a friend, it stands out and conveys trust. For the same reason, participation by celebrity supporters and influencers, both big and smaller, can be an effective strategy to grow your campaign.

The templates below can be a starting point for outreach and instructions to your celebrity supporters. You can customize them to make them work for your campaign and message, as well as your organization or company's tone of voice.

Adding an entry to your campaign

Celebrities and influencer can join your campaign in the same way any participant does. There are advantages to setting up their entries manually and providing instructions on how to share to take the best advantage of their reach.

How to add an entry
‍ "Add content" from the Gallery section of your campaign dashboard
Ratio: 1:1
Resolution: At least 1080 x 1080 pixels

Template 1 - Email seeking support from celebrity supporter

Dear [NAME]:

I am writing to ask for your support for [CAUSE] and [ORGANIZATION] to [FIGHT/SUPPORT/HELP].

We are launching [CAMPAIGN AND TIMING]. As someone who has [PREVIOUS SUPPORT] and used their platform to advocate for [CAUSE], we would be honored if you would join us and help us spread the word by sharing a post in support of [ORGANIZATION] during [AWARENESS PERIOD, IF APPLICABLE].

[ORGANIZATION]’s primary focus is [FOCUS]. We are on track to be working with [GOAL] serving more than [MISSION AFFECTED]. As you know, [MORE ON MISSION]. We want to be able to [SPECIFIC CAMPAIGN GOAL].

This is how you can help:
1. Send us a photo we can add to the campaign
2. We will return your framed photo with a suggested post and a link to share to the social media channels of your choice
3. Friends and fans who see your post can click and join by claiming the frame and adding their own photo

When you send us your photo, we will add it to the photo gallery and create a special link with your name.

If you prefer, you can also participate on your own, by claiming the frame here: [LINK TO CAMPAIGN] and following the steps.

We really appreciate your help—right now, social media is one of the most effective ways we have to reach people. Please use your platform to help us raise awareness for [CAUSE].


Template 2 - Sharing instructions for participating celebrities

Dear [NAME]:

Thank you again for supporting our [CAMPAIGN NAME] campaign!

Attached to this email is your framed photo. And this is your special link: [PARTICIPANT LINK]

How to share to Instagram:

1. Post your framed photo to Instagram.
2. Add your message (suggested below):
3. Add your special link to your bio: [PARTICIPANT LINK]

And these are the steps for Twitter or Facebook:

1. Start by copying this link into a new post: [PARTICIPANT LINK]
It will preview your framed photo, no need to upload it separately
2. Add your message:

I’m here to help and want to thank you again for your support!

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