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What is the Cheerity platform?

Cheerity is a digital and social campaign builder in a box. The platform lets you easily create and track activations that are designed for new donor acquisition (or customer) acquisition. Build social photo campaigns, then launch and manage them in a snap. Each time a supporter clicks to add their photo to a frame that communicates your mission and brand, your campaign reaches larger audiences. With a paid account, you get real data from social, including names and emails. Export that data to your CRM to help you qualify new donors, cultivate them and measure ROI based on your social engagement.

Who is Cheerity for? 

Cheerity is for any organization, company, group or even individual looking to launch a digital activation designed to engage and grow a community. Our customers use Cheerity for visual petitions, awareness campaigns, digital organizing, cause marketing campaigns, pledge campaigns and more.

Do I need to create an account to use Cheerity?

You’ll need to create an account to build and launch a Cheerity campaign. People participating in the campaigns you build with Cheerity will never be asked to create an account.

What is the benefit of a paid account? 

If you are looking to engage and grow your community and are interested in getting more out of social media, you’ll like Cheerity. The product also solves for the problem of new donor acquisition. There is a peer-to-peer referral mechanism built into the activations to let you leverage existing supporters to bring in their friends.

You can build and launch campaigns at the free tier, but won't have access to insights or data. If you'd like to upgrade your account, get in touch!

What are campaign templates? How does it work? 

You have access to templates that combine popular settings and features to cover a variety of use cases. When you start building your campaign, you pick the template that best fits your needs and start populating - it's the easiest way to get your campaign up quickly. This article walks through that process in detail.

How do I create a campaign?

It’s never been easier to create a digital campaign! Cheerity has a full visual campaign builder that steps you through creating your campaign. You can get to work right in your browser, or if you prefer to get your campaign copy and assets together first, we have a worksheet that allows you to collect all the information first to easily copy into your campaign. This article walks through that process of getting your campaign up in detail.

Is this difficult to use?

Cheerity doesn’t require technical expertise. You will have access to a visual no-code builder to put your campaigns together. When you start building your campaign, you pick the template that best fits your needs and start populating - it's the easiest way to get your campaign up quickly. You also don’t need an art department to create your campaign creative. There are many Canva templates  available to customize for your brand.

Does the Cheerity Platform support non-English languages?

Yes! You can create campaigns in 21 languages. Outside of English, the most popular languages are Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, and Portuguese. The full list of languages currently supported: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Haitian Creole, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Kiswahili, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu and Vietnamese.

How do I create frames for my campaign? 

Frames are pngs with a transparent background. The specifications are in your campaign builder. You can create frames using the same tools your organization would normally use, like Photoshop or Illustrator. We also have a number of Canva templates that make it even easier. More about campaign frames here.

Can I run more than one campaign? 

Yes, there are no limits to how many campaigns you can run or run simultaneously. You can create as many as you’d like.

How do I launch and promote my campaign?

When you’re finished building your campaign, you can set it to live. You’d take the link and push it out through all your communication channels. That includes posts on social media, but also promotion via email, SMS, on your website. You can even use influencers to help get the message out.

Can I update the styling of my campaign experience using our colors and fonts? 

Yes, you can customize the wrapper of your campaign to look like your brand or website. Add your logo, set your colors, pick from a selection of fonts and upload your frame art. Add campaign copy that conveys the tone of your organization. This is your campaign!

Is the Cheerity platform available on mobile?

Your Cheerity campaign builder and dashboard is optimized for desktop. This is where you will build, launch and monitor your campaigns. The campaigns themselves are optimized for mobile and work seamlessly inside the in-app browsers of any social network for easy participation. Of course your participant can join from desktop as well.

Can I embed my campaign on our website? 

Yes, we provide embed codes for your campaign, or just the photo gallery of your campaign that can be embedded on any website or landing page.

What data can I collect through my campaign? 

Your campaign will collect user generated content in the form of photos added by participants in the campaign. These photos come with a license for you to use them for marketing purposes, which includes promoting your campaign. Behind the scenes, we collect data on where your participants live, what social networks they are joining from and sharing too, what their influence in the campaign is and much more. We report on this in realtime in the analytics area of your dashboard, which is accessible to customers with a paid account. Participants are also invited to provide their name and email, which is always optional. You can export participant data from your Cheerity dashboard. At the free tier, you do not have access to data, though there is no limit to participation. You can, however, upgrade to unlock  your data. At the Enterprise level, you can connect directly to your CRM. You also can choose to add additional data fields, which may include ZIP code, phone number, or custom field.

What happens to my account/access when my subscription ends? 

If you have a paid account, we store data for a year after your campaign or your subscription has ended unless you choose to delete it sooner. You will still be able to access your data, but will not be able to access data for any campaigns running or started if your subscription has lapsed.

How do we get legal permission from participants to use their photo and data? 

Your rights to the user generated content and data collected in your campaigns is governed by Cheerity’s Terms of Use. Before they can join in, participants have to acknowledge these terms and our Privacy Policy, that also includes our cookie policy. The entire process adheres to GDPR and CCPA compliance. All the UGC captured is licensed for immediate use in marketing, including to promote the campaign.

How can I save the photos that are collected in my campaign? 

Your Cheerity dashboard has tools to curate your gallery. You can sort, bookmark, hide and delete photos from your user-facing gallery and save photos (with or without frame) to your computer. At the Plus and Teams tier, you can additionally download your entire collection of UGC, or use a data range filter.

Can all the live campaigns that are running be viewed on your website? 

No they can’t. The reason we don't offer them up on our website is that they are branded for our customers, and we are the technology that powers them. Therefore, the campaigns are advertisements for the customer and not Cheerity. We do have case studies that feature some of our customers’ campaigns.

Can I connect my campaign directly to our CRM?

All customers with a paid account have access to data, but CRM integration is only available at the Enterprise level. We currently integrate with a number of CRMs and marketing enablement platforms for Enterprise customers, including Hubspot, NationBuilder, EveryAction, ActiveCampaign, SalesForce and Salsa. If you subscribe through one of our partners your data will also flow directly into your CRM.

Are these fundraising campaigns?

Cheerity is used by many charitable organizations for awareness campaigns, donor cultivation and to bring in new supporters. The tool does not currently support in-flow consumer donations. Additionally, you have the option to add a second call to action at the end of the experience that could direct participants to your donation page.

One popular template can be used for cause marketing campaigns with sponsors. In these campaigns participants unlock a (corporate) donation by adding their photo. Typically, each photo can represent a monetary unlock ($5 dollars, for instance) or an emotional equivalency (a meal for a family in need). The unlocked donation template shows two counters, tracking both participation and charitable impact.

Is Cheerity a social media management tool?

Cheerity is not a social scheduler. It’s a platform to build, launch and manage social media campaigns that can then be shared across social media. You would do that using all of the tools you currently use.

How much traffic can my campaign handle?

Cheerity campaigns scale automatically and can handle millions of concurrent visits. At the enterprise level, we support large customers with campaigns that receive significant promotion, including by influencers. Free and paid accounts benefit from the same infrastructure.

Can I use Cheerity to run an international campaign?

Yes! And your campaigns will automatically be compliant with evolving privacy regulation, including GDPR and CCPA. Unless you limit your campaigns to be accessible only from the United States and/or Canada, they will be accessible from anywhere in the world. Of course, you should expect people to participate based on where and to whom you promote.

What do you do with the photos and data collected? 

Per our Terms of Use, data collected in a Cheerity belongs to the person or organization that created the account and can also be used by Cheerity for our legitimate business interests in providing a platform that enables people to connect with causes and issues of interest. Enterprise-level customers own their data outright.

Where can I get help? 

Cheerity offers support to all paying customers during the service term. Send your support request to Don't have a technical question, but want to get in touch with us about something else? Drop us a line at!

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