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What is DP Social Campaign?

Through an easy-to-use platform, DP Social Campaign offered by DonorPerfect gives nonprofits the ability to build, launch and manage social media campaigns, measure their impact on your campaign, and collect new donor emails.


How It Works

Your social photo campaign is designed to live and grow inside social media where anyone can click and join without downloading an app or creating an account. Supporters click to add their photo to a digital frame that communicates your mission and brand. You can offer multiple frames. They can accept a suggested caption, or change it to make the message their own. Next, they’re asked to share their framed photo and message with their friends on any social network.

Many participants leave their name and email so you can re-engage on your own terms. Every framed photo and social post helps your campaign reach much larger audiences. Because these messages come from a friend, more people will see and trust them, and join in.

Behind the scenes, you collect up to 40 data points, including:

Your analytics dashboard gives you a complete view of performance, so you can see how your campaign and community are driving engagement. All of this data is synched to your DonorPerfect CRM.

“DP Social Campaign allowed us to take advantage of social media in a way we hadn’t been able to before. The best part was the incredible growth of our donor database.”

Chuck Thomas

Bring Change to Mind


No-Code Visual Builder

It’s never been easier to create a digital campaign! DP Social Campaign has a full visual campaign builder that steps you through creating your campaign. You can get to work right in your browser, or if you prefer to get your campaign copy and assets together first, we have a worksheet that allows you to collect all the information first to easily copy into your campaign.

Flexible Use Cases

Organizations use DP Social Campaign for visual petitions, awareness campaigns, digital organizing, cause marketing campaigns, pledge campaigns and more. In each case, participants show support by adding their photo to your branded frame and sharing their message with friends across social media, all of whom can join too.

More About DP Social Campaign

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